• Student Coaching

    At the British Royal College, we turn the learning equation on its head and start with the student and their individual needs. Each student has a learning coach to assist him or her with setting goals and deciding on the optimal strategies to reach them.

  • International Qualification

    On completion of your selected course you will have a British International schooling qualification. British Royal College students, like all BIDC students, write examinations set and marked by the British International Examinations board in the U.K.

  • Educational Passport

    Learners use British International AS and A Levels to gain places at leading universities worldwide including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

Why us?

Our educators are trained in the British International curriculum, subject matter experts and highly experienced within their fields.

Our educators understand the needs and difficulties of learning. Self-directed learning strategies are incorporated along with student coaching to accommodate and develop students individually.

Warm and inviting schooling environment. A comfortable, non-traditional setting, created to excite students to attend and participate in all learning activities.

Our blended teaching approach assists students from a young age to prepare for the demands of self-directed learning required at tertiary level

Our teaching and learning approach is carefully designed to ensure that students not only leave with an excellent academic record but as lifelong learners

BRC students have access to an online helpline which offers the student support throughout the year of study at no extra cost.

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