About Us

The British Royal College makes use of the Think Digital College curriculum.

Our goal is to develop tailored learning based on each student’s individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. We believe that each student is a unique individual, and with the correct support, can grow beyond what they believe is possible.

Why choose British Royal College?

More and more parents are finding that the conventional education system is not suitable for every child. Some children work at a very fast pace, and others at a slower pace. Some children may be highly intelligent but have been diagnosed with ADD, Dsylexia or another learning barrier and may need individual support and personalised tutoring to reach their full potential. A study centre/distant learning centre is also ideal for children who have busy cultural and sport schedules. Although British Royal College is a distance college/study centre, we do offer tutoring daily from 08:00 – 13:30 for all students.

The equation of education usually starts with a syllabus and ends with the student. At the British Royal College, we turn this equation on its head and start with the student and their individual needs. Each student has a learning coach to assist him or her with setting goals and deciding on the optimal strategies to reach them.  This is education for the 21st century.

About Distance Education

Distance education is the term given to the provision of education to students usually via correspondence or some other means of distance communication. With the recent rapid developments in technology and communication, distance education is now, more than ever, a completely viable and realistic alternative to conventional full time study.

A qualification obtained through a reputable provider of distance education, is just as respected and widely recognised as it would be, had it been obtained through attendance at a conventional educational institution. Qualified teachers are available for individual and group tutoring sessions from 08:00 – 13:30 Monday to Friday.

How the British Royal College Works

Unlike most distance learning centres, British Royal College offers substantial tutoring and mentoring.  As with any form of academic endeavour, the results one can expect, are directly dependent on the degree of commitment and effort one puts in. This is especially true with regards to distance education.

Our tutors will teach the material, and submit assignments to BIDC by the due date.  BIDC will mark and return assignments. In addition to this, tutorials in various subjects will be held prior to the examinations at BIDC in Johannesburg.  Transport will be provided for the British Royal College students.  Although attendance at these tutorials is optional, it is highly recommended that students attend, as they cover exam preparation, exam techniques and guidance for particularly difficult areas of the study material.


The British Royal College is an accredited British International Distance College (BIDC) centre.

On completion of your selected course you will have a University of Cambridge International qualification. British Royal College students, like all BIDC students, write examinations set and marked by the University of Cambridge International Examinations board in the U.K.

The British Royal College Difference

The British Royal College is different from other Cambridge course providers in that:

  • Our tutors are Cambridge trained and are qualified teachers.
  • Our tutors understand the needs and difficulties of self-study.
  • Our tutors are knowledgeable about Cambridge exam requirements.
  • Our detailed work programmes provide weekly consolidation activities to assist the student, and online work is incorporated.
  • Assignments are set by tutors and are marked to Cambridge standards at no extra cost.
  • Syllabi and past exam papers are issued, combined with carefully selected course material, at no extra cost.
  • We offer a wide range of subjects.
  • We have our own examinations centres across South Africa.
  • Our students have access to our helpline which offers the student support throughout the year of study at no extra cost.